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Ryan Dorries


The 90’s made for some interesting formative years; while my contemporaries were scuffling around in pickup two-hand-touch football games, I was fraternizing with a slightly different group. All a few years my senior, my comrades got their kicks dusting circles around me on their banshees and various MX-ready dirt bikes. Guided along by a torque-happy dad (Motorcycle Mechanic, Mopar enthusiast, night freight Commercial Pilot all titles under his belt), the sociological disorder known as “Motorcycle Madness” grasped me early on.

Lucky for me, I learned the fundamentals of risk awareness and risk management while tumbling around in the dirt. To my mother’s great displeasure, I would sometimes arrive home with tire treads on my chest protector and maybe a few flesh wounds, but my father kept me out of real trouble.

We exist now in a different world where there’s not so many chances to miscalculate your capacity for risk. I find immense satisfaction in my professional endeavor to help the motorcycling community by educating riders to evaluate their own skill from the beginning. It’s my mission to dispel negative assumptions that we’re reckless. Wild, sure, but not reckless! I’m a devotee of any form of riding and any type of bike. I think they’re all capable, from my first Kawasaki KX-80 to my Ninja 1100, of being ridden in an enjoyable, enthralling and SAFE manner.

See you out there!

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