Motorcycle Training Institute Inc.

Certified: 2001

As of August 24th, 2018
Classes taught: 1098
Number trained: 8630
Success rate: 94%


MSF RiderCoach Trainer

• Basic RiderCourse
• Basic RiderCourse 2
• Advanced RiderCourse
• Military Sportbike RiderCourse
• Honda SMART Trainer

MSF RiderCoach

• Introductory Motorcycle Experience
• Returning Rider Basic RiderCourse
• Basic Bike Bonding RiderCourse
• Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse
• 3-Wheel Basic RiderCourse
• Scooter School 1

Retired Certifications

Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding & Street Skills
Dirt Bike School
Skill Enhancement RiderCourse
Harley-Davidson New Rider Course - Rider's Edge
Florida Driver License Examiner

Motorcycle Life


Suzuki TL1000S


Yamaha V-Star

Professional Development

Kevin Schwantz School - Barber Motorsports Park
Military Sportbike RiderCourse - Twice
Lee Parks Total Control Advanced Clinic - I & II
Skill Enhancement Rider Course - Twice
Basic Rider Course - Once
Experienced RiderCourse - Once
Dirt Bike School - Once
Scooter School 1 - Once
Motorcycle RiderCourse: Riding & Street Skills - Twice


State Motorcycle Safety Administrators
American Motorcyclist Association
BMW Motorcycle Owners Group
Jason A Hooper

Training Systems Director | Web Master | RiderCoach Trainer

The love of motorcycles grips me to the core. My passion knows no brand or style of motorcycle only that the ride is what inspires. In my more than 10 years as a Motorcycle Safety Specialist I never fail to have fun helping others learn the joy of motorcycling. Since my joining MTII in 2001 I have been dedicated to understanding and applying the principles of Safety, Adult Learning, and Motor Skill Principles that form the foundation of the curricula we employ.

This all started for me when I took my first motorcycle safety class in 1998 from MSF Instructor Jennifer Hobby. At 4'11" is was impressive to see her effortlessly ride whatever bike she had the keys to. I first encountered her on a custom H-D 883 Sportster. Later to see her on her 1500 GoldWing showed the level mental as well as physical skill needed to ride such massive beasts without the need for massive physical strength. I enjoyed the experience so much I would soon become an Instructor myself as well as change Jennifer's last name to Hooper.

The ride for me is the meaningful bond with my machine in efforts to manage the variety of hazards and traps found on a daily ride. Knowing the risks ensures that you can anticipate the possible conflicts early so that there is time to make good decisions to maintain your safety margin. It takes discipline and practice, and in todays world of safety training I can think of nothing more fun that the concept of practicing Risk Management while riding Motorcycles!

In 2009 my newest love came into the world weighing in at over 9 pounds. I quickly found a new part of my motorcycling psyche that I had to come to grips with. It was that age old truth that in a world with so much risk why introduce more by riding a motorcycle? Family, duty, and the love of a new son are no small issues to contend with however they only served to bolster my dedication to reducing my risk when I ride...

I look foreword to each class and the opportunity to share my love of motorcycling with other like minded and eager persons. If you ride or want to ride take the best step in guaranteeing you do it right, sign up at and learn from the best...

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