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Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic Screaming Eagle
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Mike Cosgrove

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I have been riding motorcycles since 1963, mostly Hondas and Harleys. I have ridden over 400,000 miles, crash free, in the United States, Canada, Alaska, and South Africa. My favorite touring ride was to the Artic Circle and the Alaska Highway. I'm a member of the Iron Butt Association which supports long distance safe touring. My best Iron Butt rides were 3,000 miles in less than 72 hours, 1,500 miles in less than 24 hours and Jacksonville, Florida to San Diego, California in 42 hours. My passion is motorcycling and assisting others to ride safely.

Professionally, I'm a Vietnam veteran, retired from the Miami, Florida Police Department, and currently an Ordained Minister, Clinical Christian Counselor, and Psychologist. Educationally, I have a PhD in Clinical Christian Counseling and a Masters Degree in Adult Education, with an adult training and learning emphasis and concentration. Motorcycle riding and safety are truly lifelong learning processes. I've applied, and continue to apply, many lessons learned over the years concerning motorcycle safety, from other riders, books read, courses taken, motorcycle research, and my own experiences on a motorcycle. I very much enjoy sharing what Iíve learned with others as a RiderCoach. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) courses represented on this web site, presented by the Motorcycle Training Institute, Inc. (MTII), are based on extensive motorcycle research and adult learning principles. As a participant in these training programs, you will learn the motor (physical) skills and decision-making (mental) skills necessary to safely ride a motorcycle. I can say with confidence, that what participants learn in these training programs, is directly applicable to safely riding in the street. The applied information contained in these courses have directly contributed to my own management of the risk of riding a motorcycle by being crash free for over 45 years.

That having been said, I would be remiss if I didnít say something just about the ride. Motorcycling is truly therapy for me, and it can be for you, too. It's an opportunity to get the rest of the world out of your head and focus on the ride. It really is the journey, not the destination. It's an opportunity to be free, the wind in your face, the openness to let all of your senses reflect where you are, the challenge of orchestrating your ride to interface with other drivers, the road, the majestic views, and the people you meet during the ride. It's an opportunity to be one with you and your bike. But, most of all, it's just an opportunity to be who we are . . . motorcycle riders. Look forward to working with you and seeing you on a ride.

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