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Scott Whittemore

RiderCoach Mentor

I was born in Texas, raised in southern Vermont, and a graduate of the University of Miami with a Music Education degree in 1977.

Why is any of that important? Its really not… except that all I’ve ever really wanted to do in life is teach.

My junior year of high school I remember a classmate commuting to school on a brand new Kawasaki H1 (remember those? If not, look it up on EBay). The following fall he had a H2, and before we graduated he had upgraded again to a Z1-900. Each machine is considered a legend of it’s time! Meanwhile, I commuted to school on one of those big, yellow buses and dreamed of the day I could experience such freedom!

Of course, my folks lectured me about how dangerous motorcycles were and how I should consider whether I wanted to “grow up to look like that”!

I got my first bike, a Honda CB 350 twin, in ’78 and learned to ride “by the seat of my pants” (like many others before me, I sometimes wonder how I survived). I remember reading periodicals at the time and reading about the Honda Goldwing. When the ’82 Aspencade model came out I knew I was going to upgrade one day.

In ’84 I bought my first Wing, a ’79 GL1000 with only 27,000 miles on it. What a machine! Two years later my fiancé and I purchased an ’82 Aspencade, threw her wedding dress in a trailer behind it, and rode home to southern Vermont to get married.

That started a love affair with touring the country by motorcycle. By the late 80’s Elaine and I each had our own Wings and spent many weekends attending every motorcycling event we could find. We became active members of the Gold Wing Road Riders Association and committed ourselves to safe riding. A part of that commitment included taking several MSF courses.

Combining my passion for teaching and motorcycling was a natural progression. I became a MSF “Instructor” in ’91, a “RiderCoach” in ’01, and have enjoyed teaching and facilitating motorcycle safety classes ever since.

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