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Do I have to take a test at Division of Driver Licenses Office?

Graduates of the Basic Rider Course (BRC) are waived from further testing by the Division of Driver Licenses Office. Visit to see the requirements for obtaining your new license.

Do I still need to go to DDL for the endorsement?

To obtain your endorsement you must go to a Division of Driver Licenses Office. The fee is $55.00($7.00 for the endorsement - $48.00 for a new license) Visit to see the requirements for obtaining your new license.

What type of eye protection do I need?

Examples of eye wear are sunglasses, prescription glasses, goggles and shields. If you choose to use a shield as eye wear then the shield must be covering the eyes when you are on the motorcycle. See our Gear page

What is Florida's helmet law?

Current law requires all riders to wear a helmet unless they meet several requirements. This link will provide the exact details of the law, click here.

What type of footwear do I need?

Sturdy boots that fit over the ankle are required. It is recommended that the boot soles be made of a non slip rubber or neoprene and the footwear should not have high heels, dangling laces or strings. See our Gear page

Can I bring my own bike for the basic course?

Under certain circumstances a student may arrange to use their own Scooter or 3 Wheel Motorcycle for class. A student wishing to ride a scooter may use their scooter if there is not one in our fleet at the Training Center. Students enrolling in the 3 Wheel RiderCourse are required to ride their own 3 wheel motorcycle for class. In either case, you must contact our call center to pre-arrange the use of your own bike. 877.308.7246

Do I need a permit to take the class?

You must have a valid Class E Drivers License to take the class.

Can I get a motorcycle only license?

Motorcycle only license will no longer be issued as of Nov. 1 2009. Everyone will have to surrender a license from another jurisdiction or sign an affidavit that they do not possess a DL from another jurisdiction.

What happens if it rains?

Typically we ride. It is recommended that you bring rain gear if the forecast calls for rain. Generally when it rains it is for a short period of time and we enjoy the coolness.

Is the course offered in Spanish?

Spanish classes are offered at our Miami-Dade College, Fort Luaderdale, and Rick Case Honda Training Centers.

What time does the class finish?

End times change depending on class start times and of course weather conditions. The course is approximately 18 hours long including breaks and lunch. Plan on about 10 hours for range and 6 hours for classroom, both divided into two sessions each.

When can I take the other advanced RiderCourses if I am a new rider?

MTII offers several NEW courses from the MSF. These additional courses offer riders, both new and experienced, an opportunity to enhance their mental and physical skills as well as the bond between rider and machine. Anyone interested in continuing their riding development should consider taking the courses as soon as they are comfortable in the basic handling and operation of their motorcycle. The Basic Bike-Bonding RiderCourse offers new riders a chance to build their skills using the same school training bikes used in the Basic RiderCourse. The BBBRC focuses on drill type maneuvers to enrich the "bond" between rider and machine. The BRC 2 is conducted with students riding their own motorcycles and focuses on limited space maneuvering, braking, cornering, and swerving skills. The Ultimate Bike Bonding RiderCourse is similar to the BBBRC only students are now using their own motorcycle. These classes are all approximately four to five hours long and there are no test requirements. The Advanced RiderCourse is offered on a limited basis and is a full day course. For information on this course please contact our call center. 877.308.7246

What kind of motorcycles are used for the class?

We offer a variety of motorcycles to train with. Our fleet consist of Honda Nighthawk 250cc, Honda Rebel 250cc, Honda Elite 80cc (scooter), Suzuki GZ250cc, Kawasaki Eliminator 125cc, Suzuki DR200cc, Yamaha Virago 250cc, Buell Blast 500cc, Kymco Agility 125 (scooter)

What happens if I don't pass a test?

The tests can be repeated on a different day at no charge. For the skill test practice time is provided. Retests are coordinated through our call center.

How do I give the FRTP feedback?

The Florida Rider Training Program has an online evaluation you can complete via this link: Florida Rider Training Course Evaluation