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Under 18 • Requirements For Taking A Class

If you are 15 ½ to 17 years of age you are eligible to participate in the Basic RiderCourse. There are a few requirements that must be met:

  1. Possess a valid Learner License or Driver License
  2. Have a Parent or Legal Guardian present valid identification and sign both the Waiver and Ground Rules documents.

IF a Parent or Legal Guardian CAN NOT be present to sign the documentation you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Contact the MTII Call Center (877.308.7246) to notify that a parent or legal guardian will not be available at class start to present identification and sign.
  2. Obtain a photo copy of the parent or legal guardian’s Driver License.
  3. Print the Waiver and Ground Rules documents.
  4. You must have the Waiver and Ground Rules signed by the Parent or Legal Guardian and Notarized.
  5. Transmit a copy of the documents to the MTII Call Center via email ( or fax (305.688.7390)
  6. Bring the original signed and notarized forms to class to present to the RiderCoach.

If you are an Emancipated Minor you must present Proof of Emancipation documentation at time of registration and to the RiderCoach.

Under no circumstances will any person under the age of 18 be permitted to participate in the Basic RiderCourse without meeting the above requirements.

Visit to see the requirements for obtaining your new license.

For information on riding gear required for our courses click here.

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